Money, Money, Moneyphoto © 2009 Daniel Borman | more info (via: Wylio)You can make money on social networks, specifically Facebook! What is your plan for selling on Facebook? Are you doing anything? Are you just linking your fans back to your website? Now is the time to put a shopping cart directly inside your Facebook page. Every band and every business should have a online store on their Facebook page. You are probably already driving your traffic to Facebook, now is the time to start monetizing that traffic.

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Shoppers on Facebook like to buy more, spend more, and shop more – at least according to the latest numbers from private shopping site Kembrel. Kembrel has seen increased sales on its Facebook-only shopping app compared to its website, indicating that the return on investment for an ecommerce organization to establish a social presence could be quite high.

The Kembrel store itself is a college-only shopping site that offers limited-time, deeply discounted deals on over 50 college lifestyle brands including American Apparel, C&C California, and Blackberry and Mac accessories.

Kembrel expanded from its web-based store to include a Facebook store earlier this year, allowing users to shop and make purchases directly from within Facebook – an industry first at the time.

Using ShopIgniter‘s Social Promotions Engine to drive traffic from its main webpage to its Facebook store, Kembrel has seen measurable success that other e-retailers should pay attention to: Kembrel has driven 20% of all transactions inside their Facebook store with a 7 to 10% larger shopping cart than their website. These larger carts were due, in part, to special promotions run on Cyber Monday.

Cherif Habib, CEO and Founder of Kembrel, has this to say about Kembrel’s Facebook store:

“Students spend more time on Facebook every day than on any other site. ShopIgniter enables us to engage our social network by running unique, viral social eCommerce promotions like limited time sales and refer a friend incentive programs.”

Retail companies looking to increase visibility using social media should take note: During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, ShopIgniter’s hundreds of retail and brand manufacturer customers saw measurable successes. On average, they experienced an increase of 80% in user acquisition and a 500% increase in unique visitors related to viral/shareable coupons. It looks like targeting customers on social networks during peak shopping windows like Black Friday – and offering them incentives like sharable coupons to further leverage the social web – is an effective way to increase your online presence as a social shopping entity.

via Facebook Shoppers Have 7-10% Larger Shopping Carts.