NARIP 2011 Best in the BizI am writing as the National Academy of Recording Industry Professionals has nominated me and many of my friends for their 2011 “Best in the Biz” awards. I have been nominated for Best New Media / Social Media Executive. It is a great honor to be nominated, and I would ask that you take a minute to click on the link below and vote. As we are all independents we could really use your help, and please feel free to pass this on to anyone and everyone!

The deadline is today 3/25 at Midnight PST, so please vote if you can!

Everyone can vote you do not need to be a member. (This is the link to the NARIP Website) (This is the direct link to the voting)

Here are my suggestions:

  • Best Consultant / Strategist – Steffen Franz
  • Best Marketing Professional – Jessica Weber, Co-Sign Collective
  • Best New Media / Social Media Executive – Michael Brandvold,
  • Best Publicist – Christopher Buttner, PRThatRocks
  • Best Music Retailer – Newbury Comics or Amoeba
  • Best Music Business Conference or Event – San Francisco Music Tech Summit
  • Best Music or Record Industry Association – National Association of Recording Merchandisers
  • Best Music Business Teacher – Greg Gordon, Pyramind
  • Best Music Business Intern – Kristen Scarpa or Mylinn Garde (Both are/were IDC Interns)

Thank you in advance!