Music FansCan you be a fan of yourself?

I believe the answer is no. A fan is always in a different world than the performer. Part of what defines a fan in my opinion is the fan strives to be close to the performer. The fan wants to always learn more, know more about the performer. The performer is onstage, in the studio, backstage. The fan dreams about being onstage, in the studio or backstage with the performer. The performer always knows what is happening in their world, when they are touring, where they are touring, when they are recording, what the new songs sound like. The fan is always trying to dig up the littlest tidbit of information. As the performer you will never completely understand the world of your fans. As the performer you will never experience the joy your fans feel after waiting months to finally hear a new song. The thrill your fans experience in waiting months to finally see you in concert. The energy of being in the front row for your show.

As a performer you can be a fan of another performer, but you can never be a real fan of yourself.

What this means is that you may think you know what your fans want, what your fans like, what is important to your fans. Remember what it is like for you to be a fan of another act.  Without actually talking to your fans and listening to them you won’t know exactly what they want.