MySpace IconJust what we need another music player. In my opinion if MySpace wants to release something that is going to get people’s attention and get them to think about returning to the site they need to do something that nobody else is doing. What would that be? I don’t know, but a music player with recommendations, search engine and Facebook integration is not it. How many music players are we each going to use? MySpace needs to shock us, they need something that will have us going… Wow! For me this is just a yawn.

After teasing a few key advertisers with a short presentation in September, MySpace has debuted its first major product offering under new owners Specific Media. The new MySpace music player launches today with enhanced music recommendations and built-in search engines to increase time spent with the player, as well as a Facebook integration that should mark the official end of MySpace’s attempts to compete for the social-networking crown.

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