Official Billy Idol Website

Billy Idol's website as viewed on a iPhone

I want to SCREAM every time I see stuff like this…


Ever thought that you could design a better website? That you have a great visual idea for a piece of web artwork? Well, now’s your chance to show us what you can do. The ‘BANNER’ of Billy Idol’s website is the rectangular piece of art at the top of every page – the one that reads ‘Official – Online – On Tour 2010′ – and it measures exactly 1000 pixels x 300 pixels. Obviously this is something that needs updating!! And who better to do that than YOU GUYS!!!… So we want you to design a new website header/banner for the rest of 2012. Anyone with a computer and an artwork program can join in although a FLASH banner (moving images like the text in the current banner – a .swf file) is preferred.

I was first applauding Billy Idol for involving his fans in a contest to create a new website header banner. But then two things jumped out at me…

1. The current banner says 2010. You haven’t updated your website header in two years? I guess your website is just not that important to you if you are fine leaving the message “On Tour 2010” in the header when its 2012.

2. It’s 2012, why are you requesting a Flash banner? I took a chance thinking that the website detects the platform browsing and delivers a different version of the site so I went to on my iPhone. No change. Well not exactly true, the site did change in that the header, Billy’s name, his brand, what identifies the site is gone since it is Flash and as we should all know by now… Apple mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) do not support Flash. (FYI, in the second quarter of 2012 Apple sold 35.1 million iPhones and 11.8 million iPads.) The header is missing on every page of the site. And it has been like this since 2010, since we know they have not changed the header since then. Have you ever taken a moment to see how much traffic is coming to your site on Apple mobile devices? Look now, you might be surprised. Now remember, all of those visits see a incomplete website, see no name, see no brand. Is that the impression you want to make?

That makes me want to SCREAM! It’s not rocket science to correct this problem. Replace the Flash header with a jpg or gif file. Done, that’s it. Hey Billy, your website is built using WordPress, just drop in a plugin and your site becomes mobile ready. Need help, let me know.

Your lesson from this… go look at your website right now on a iPhone or iPad and see how it looks, see how it works. Then fix it if it is needed.

And, Flash is dead, over, history. Do not spend the time or money to create Flash elements on your site.