Top 10 Music Marketing PostsWhat was everyone reading last month? Here are the top 10 music marketing articles for November 2012 on Michael Brandvold Marketing.

  1. 10 Tips from the Gene Simmons School of Marketing
  2. 2000 Things to Generate 20,000 Fans Challenge
  3. Would You Go Out of the Way for Just One Fan? No? Than You Are Not Ready for a Fan Base.
  4. 20 Steps on How To Setup and Run a Google+ Hangout On Air Video Broadcast
  5. Celebrity Vocal Coach Cari Cole Discusses Caring for Your Voice with The Music Biz Weekly Podcast
  6. How Do You Start Building an Online Community From Scratch on the Rock Star Branding Podcast
  7. How To Search Public Posts on Facebook and Monitor Your Brand
  8. Top 10 Reasons Your Band Merchandise Doesn’t Sell
  9. How Pro Musicians Use the iPad to Make Sweet, Sweet Music | Mac|Life
  10. Add a Apple iTunes Store to Your Facebook Page with smartTab