Content Strategy Post Once a Day“I have 5000 likes, but only 20 people are talking about me. How do I get more people talking about me on Facebook?” I hear that all the time. I then start getting questions like…

I must not be posting at the right time of the day. When is the right time to post? Is one day better than another?

I heard about something called Edge Rank, how do I make it so more of my fans see my posts?

What kind of posts should I make; photos, videos, text?

So I take two minutes and review their Facebook activity. Then I will many times reply with, “Don’t worry about when is the best time to post. Don’t worry about Edge Rank and your percent of engagement. Your problem is you have only posted twice in the last week.” Some have only made a couple posts in the last month. You aren’t talking to your fans, why would you think they would be talking about you?

You can do one thing that over time I promise will have a noticeable change on your relationship with your fans online and get them talking about you….

Just post one thing a day on your Facebook page.

One photo, one video clip, one status update, one blog post… just post one thing a day. Just post something! Don’t complicate things by worrying about the right time to post, your Edge Rank, just post something every day. Once a day, every day and you will see the number of people talking about you slowly increase. Once you have gotten completely comfortable with one post a day, to the point you don’t even have to think about making that post… then you can increase the number of posts you make each day.

This is the very beginning of you creating a music marketing content strategy. If you have always wondered what a content strategy is and how to create one… don’t miss my upcoming, February 25th, FREE webinar with Brian Thompson from Thornybleeder How To Create a Content Strategy.