Signatures Network:

  • First year ticketing program seven-figure revenue, with 300 percent growth second year and projected 60 percent growth third year.
  • Responsible for efforts that for the first time generated over $1 million in merchandise sales for a single artist in a single year.
  • Increased e-commerce sales by over 250 percent over the previous year.

Exotic Erotic Ball

  • Client wanted to increase their Facebook and Twitter presence and inbound traffic from both sources.
  • In two month Facebook went from the #4 referring site to #1, with Facebook visits increasing six fold.
  • Twitter went from the #28 referring site to #6, with visits increasing 25 fold.
  • Facebook Likes increased 258% and Twitter Followers increased by 7%.

Private Media Group:

  • Transition of all three Private commerce websites over to the GameLink platform. Twelve months after the change, booked sales increased by over 400 percent. Conversion of user registrations to new customers increased to 53 percent.
  • A business owner for the launch of the GameLink mobile platform. Six months after launch mobile sales increased by 400 percent.
  • Client Manager for Good Vibrations, whose website has won two consecutive Best Online Retailer awards in the AVN “O” awards.
  • Increased monthly traffic by 35 percent in less than 12 months. Conversion of user registrations to new customers to 19 percent.
  • Client Manager for video-on-demand site for Blissbox; responsible for a 56 percent growth in booked sales in less than one year.
  • Managed a quarter million dollar a month affiliate revenue stream.
  • Increased affiliate customer conversions to 4 percent.


  • Increased software unit sales 109 percent, monthly profit 40 percent in first 60 days and user sessions 300 percent in six months.
  • Analyzed and executed SEO and SEM strategies. Reduced conversion cost from $800 to $14.
  • Increased SEM conversion rate to 12 percent.