Facebook got a real shot in the arm - because of you! Got to say that! Because of you!!!


Michael has always been available and extremely helpful to me in my step back into the musical arena. His hard work and advice have been instrumental in many opportunities they are coming my way.

Leather Leone

...he has been an amazing asset to the team \m/!

The Veer Union

Crispin Earl

I am very grateful to have you in my corner Micheal.

Dino Jag

You are a powerful and attractive man.

Gene Simmons


We got there because we have some amazing people that prop us up, inspire us, and bless us with their talent, energies and most priceless, their friendship! What they all have in common is their passion for music and talent to bring music to others.

Little Caesar

Michael's efforts in pushing original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley's Anomaly pre-release sales was definitely part of the reason the album debuted at #27 on the Billboard 200 charts. He did a great marketing push on the album and was a big help.

Frank Munoz

Associate Producer, Anomaly

Michael Brandvold did a great job at our conference, weaving in his experience with KISS to help our audience get a grasp on key marketing tenets.  Michael expertly mixed humor, true stories, and solid principals to connect the dots.  I had several attendees approach me afterwards with kudos for his presentation.

Fred Jacobs

Jacobs Media Summer School

Dude you are so awesome!

Andy Gibson

Country Recording Artist

I have run into a few stellar people. You are among them.

Anthony P

Manager, VSquared and Natalie Alexander

Really enjoyed your presentation.

David Field

CEO, Entercom

We honestly couldn't have reached that goal without you.


BMG/Sanctuary Records

I have just launched a state of art , live concert / production facility in Santa Rosa, California . The venue, House of Rock ,was opened in October of 2016. After many openings as a consultant and owner in other parts of the US and abroad, I'd wished that Michael Brandvold would have been involved with me in my previous endeavors. His attention to the fine points of the operation was and is incomparable . Michael's expertise in Social Media, Secular Marketing, Web Design, All Tech requirements and issues pertaining to ticketing, venue promotions, facilitating all House of Rock performing artists interviews with area radio and print, while corresponding with the artists publicity department, utilizing all free advertising sources and etc. When involved in a turn key of a major venue, things sometimes slip through the cracks. Working with Michael, all the cracks were sealed. It was a productive and fruitful experience working with him.

Rock Star University House of Rock

Freddie Salem

Love the job you are doing for our social media. Really really really amazing!

Gary Douglas

Thank you so much for helping us with the launch! Your info and support have been awesome. You rock! Couldn't have launched it without you.

Happier By The Minute

Michael's experience over the years work with artist websites, fan communities and online stores is a perfect fit for all my expanding online activities. 


(You) have gone far and beyond the call of duty and have done a great job managing the media tsunami.

Greg Kihn

Musician/Author/Radio Personality

I¹d like to take the time to thank you for your words of wisdom as a 2011 Conclave Faculty member.  You may or may not ever know how much your words impacted the hopes and dreams of your students. But be assured that by teaching them, you made our industry exponentially better for the benefit of everyone within it.

Tom Kay

Executive Director , The Conclave

I have seen Michael speak -- he's nothing short of awesome.

Joel Denver

President and Publisher, All Access Music Group

You rocked it and I am very grateful for the chance to work together.

Steve Jones

VP Programming , NewCap Radio

Nice work on the socials. Everyday I see something new on Facebook about the Band. The video premiere, tour announcement, Octane premiere, album release announcement. Great work on Fan engagement.

Tommy DeBenedictis

Sr. Director Promotion/Artist Development, Sony

We are very excited to have Michael Brandvold Marketing on our team to help us guide our online marketing efforts. We know Michael is on the forefront of social media music marketing.

Dream Theater

...it was a success and appreciate all of your help in spreading the word! the turnout was really strong.

Blue Rose Ball

We're SO thankful for the amazing knowledge you are passing on to our students! Thank you for sharing you time and talents with us!!

Brennan Rock & Roll Academy

A heartfelt thank you for all you did to create, produce, design and promote "Daybreak".

Spencer Day

The horn give away is a brilliant idea of yours!! It's generating lot's of interest and it just started out exactly what it's intended purpose is. Great idea Michael-you're the man.

Bill Ortiz

Great job you've done in helping get this buzz going for me and now the Killer Dwarfs. You are an integral part of our team.

Russ Dwarf

Killer Dwarfs

You've done an awesome job at building this up for the release date. Great job!!! Thanks so much brother!

Tim King


Michael Brandvold is that rare breed: a true social media and marketing/PR expert. His hands on experience and real-life experience getting attention for his clients translates into a dynamic and practical presentation. He works, and so does his advice.

David Perry

CEO, David Perry & Associates, Inc.

Thank you for coming to Oslo. We appreciated your talk very much, and I think your "marketing-lessons-learnt-from-KISS"-stuff is actually very useful. Many companies would do well to find their inner superstars!


Just wanted to say what a phenomenal job Mike Brandvold has been doing. Although Twitter needs a college course of its own, Mike is bringing me up to speed on it and has the Twitter world "tweeting" consistently about Cheyenne... as it should be! Just wanted to give credit where it's due.


Manager , Cheyenne Elliot

It is a pleasure to work with someone that actually knows what they are doing. We have had such a bad experience with various social media ‘experts’ in the past that we were skeptical of any value that Mike could add. Today was a very pleasant surprise!


Manager , Jessi Teich