You click ass Michael!!! Site looking every bit as nice as I had hoped when I sought you out!!! This is exciting stuff! – Nathan Westergreen, Hometown Restoration

…doing such amazing things with my site and music business. – Amanda Abizaid

Thank you so much! The attendees loved you!!!!!! – Tracy L Reed, Producer The California Music Industry Summit

In just a few hours these guys de-mystified much of what has had me frozen in fear and overwhelm about publicity and social media marketing for most of my on-line life.  Now I feel confident to continue expanding my internet presence as well as to reach out to larger networks, client bases, and allies on the world wide web.  All of a sudden marketing has become a lot more fun!  My business is poised for continued success.  Thanks Chris and Michael! – Claire Noelle, Bay Area California, www.YourSensualWisdom.com

Thank you for your time and your excellent advice. I hope to come to you with bigger problems in the future. – Evening Ocean

Micheal Brandvold is a pleasure to work with.  His expertise and experience is a great asset to anybody looking to strengthen their career via online marketing and SEO.  I’m looking forward to working with Michael on my new website some time! – Ian Wilkerson

I had the privilege to work with Michael Brandvold over a few months on a pr campaign for Aoede’s album Affair with the Muse. Michael’s role was to set up a new WordPress website for Aoede as well as to provide recommendations on marketing strategies for Aoede’s social networks (Facebook, Twitter, blogging). Michael was extremely accessible and responsive, professional and went above and beyond to make Aoede’s new website really sparkle. Michael even provided Aoede a tutorial of the new website and its features, making the transition from administering one website to another much easier. Further, Michael provided helpful suggestions along the way to ensure Aoede was making best use of social networks for maximum exposure. Even after completing the campaign, Michael continues to send helpful information. I would work with Michael again in a heartbeat and highly recommend him for building a website and for sage advice on marketing. – Lisa Sniderman/Aoede

I’m very pleased with the work Michael Brandvold did creating my website. Not only did he come up with a great looking site, it’s also very easy to maintain and update. Mike’s knowledge of all aspects of social media marketing is also a plus. He went beyond the call of duty explaining how the site functions and even gave me some marketing tips.  – Mark Nawara, owner of Goomba Music

EON Records has a fresh, updated look to showcase all of our musical talents thanks to Michael Brandvold Marketing. A Portland, Oregon record label, we needed to update our website to blend with our new releases. We needed a quick turn-around and Michael responded. Not only did Michael come up with an innovative site – with video and audio capabilities, photos and rotating panels – he also suggested marketing ideas, taught us
how to update the site on our own through WordPress.org and remains just a click away for any quick question. – John Thayer, owner of EON Records in Portland, OR
and brother of guitarist Tommy Thayer from KISS

Working with Michael on the updated EON Records website was a breeze. Actually, it was so easy to work with him that I’m already tossing him ideas for other website updates for my clients. Thanks, Michael, for making the site look awesome and in such a short
amount of time. Anyone who needs a professional site needn’t look anywhere else – although, I’d like to keep him all to myself. – Nicole DeCosta, owner of Nicole DeCosta Media in Portland, OR

Mike is a true pioneer and expert on website creation, development and ROI for artists in the music industry, which now also extends to the leverage of social marketing. He is a strategic thinker and a tireless executor who operates with passion and commitment. These are some of his highly-regarded qualities I have consistently observed since the mid-nineties. – Paul Miles, Author Sex Tips From Rock Stars

Michael’s efforts in pushing original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley’s Anomaly pre-release sales was definitely part of the reason the album debuted at #27 on the Billboard 200 charts. He did a great marketing push on the album and was a big help. – Frank Munoz (Associate Producer, Anomaly)

He spear-headed several of the social media marketing initiatives and as such displayed his skills as a market leader in this bleeding edge form of marketing. – Jason B. Hart

His internet marketing knowledge is vast and I learned a lot of key online marketing elements from him. – Giles Hirst, Marketing Director, Private Media Group

“Brandvold” is Norse for “Marketing God” – Christopher Buttner, PRThatRocks.com

We honestly couldnt have reached that goal without you – BMG/Sanctuary Records – Commenting on shipping KISS Symphony Gold.

Had a keen sense of what the people surfing the web at the time wanted to see, hear and participate in on the internet. Michael’s skills and knowledge allowed us to build an online e-commerce solution overnight – Joseph L. Bongiovi, Vice President – Entertainment Licensing and Marketing, Signatures Network

I was impressed with the skill with which he created engaging, compelling web sites for artists that gave fans a place to immerse themselves in the band experience, build and enjoy community with other fans  and enjoy easy access to merchandise and special ticket packages. Always thinking of, and implementing innovative ways to engage fans and increase revenue. – Chris Guirlinger, Director, Licensing and Marketing, Signatures Network, Inc.

Michael is an exceptional resource in web based technologies. He has a strong sense and a proven track record for marketing and e-commerce initiatives for medium and large scale web sites. He is always aware of new and existing technologies to promote and enhance his clients web based projects.”  – eHab Haddad, Vice President Business Development, Revolution Entertainment

A consummate professional. His diverse background and experience makes him one of the most valuable assets in his field. – Farley Cahen, VP of New Media, Digital Playground

He has amazing instincts about affiliate marketing and “working” the interweb for all it’s worth. He also has a natural ability to make things happen in internet time, to quickly get from “strategic thinking” to optimal, clickable media. – Alan Segal, Creative Director/Communication Strategist, The Offswitch

Mike was able to assist my company’s business endeavors from over 1,000 miles away. Taking care of issues and streamlining a process is what he did to make life easier for both parties. – Marcus A Saxon

Why hire anyone else? I wouldn’t. – Vonda Dix

Didn’t hesitate to take on difficult projects of ours and often time provided input that ensured streamlining and timeliness of detailed assignments. – Joel Kaminsky, President and Managing Partner Barnaby LTD., LLC.

Few of the hundreds of colleagues I’ve had over the years could provide as rational and practical approach to managing digital media, from affiliate marketing to content distribution ventures, as Mr. Brandvold. – Scott Rabinowitz, Co-Founder, Traffic Dude

Never afraid to try new techniques, ideas or take risks. He was a very meticulous, metrics and execution oriented person. – Wayne Porter, Sr. Director Greynet Research, Facetime Communications