Drunk B logging

New concept, drunk blogging! What do you post after you have had more Jack and Cokes then you can remember ( or at least it hurts too much to think hard enough to figure out!). 3:28am, back at the Hard Rock Hotel. I don’t want to go to bed quite yet, because the...Keep reading: Drunk B logging

Back Home

Arrived home yesterday after spending a four days in Toronto on business. Had two full days of business meetings, starting at 9am and running until 7pm. Lots of interesting deals were discussed with some big companies. Three big relationships are already confirmed and...Keep reading: Back Home

Swimming with Sharks

Last August I went to Hawaii and went swimming with the sharks on the north shore of Oahu, check out North Shore Shark Adventures. I was able to take pictures in the shark cage, but wished I could have gotten some video underwater. Thanks to YouTube someone did, and...Keep reading: Swimming with Sharks

I'm Going Home!

Yea! I am in the Vegas airport waiting to board my flight back to SF. I have been here since last Friday and it is time to go home and do some cuddling and maybe a bit more. This trip was a blast, but there is nothing better than going home. Plus even though I...Keep reading: I'm Going Home!