online troll

I need to say this so there is a online record of the events. If you want to take a peek inside the head of a troll continue reading. If you want to help after reading this I only ask that you share this post on your social networks.

Let’s get started. I want to issue a warning… there is a troll online who has been following me, impersonating me, attacking me, harassing me and my family (parents, wife, child) since April 2014. You might find some of the posts below to not be “work safe”. The troll goes by many names, but the most common is along the lines of MikesChinHair, MCH, Black_MCH, MikeShinaire, MyKsChinnHeir, MikesChinHairX, MighkscHinhaer (already banned). His current and active Twitter account is JuanMaggs. You can find other usernames below.

Let me make this very clear… MICHAEL BRANDVOLD IS NOT MIKESCHINHAIR. Twitter user @michaelsb is NOT MikesChinhair. He wants to make life difficult for me so he poses as me, leads people to believe he is me so others will come after me.

If anyone reading this has any questions, feel free to contact me. If you have been harassed by MikesChinHair and are, or have, contacting law enforcement, feel free to have them contact me. I have a lot more information than what has been posted and would be very happy to speak with them

Below are just a few links and screen captures to show you he has admitted he is not me, admitted he is targeting me, admitted he has been attacking me.

How did this all start? I run a KISS podcast called Three Sides of the Coin. We released a show back on April 27, 2014,,  and he accused us of stealing the topic from another KISS podcast. That was it, his sole reason. We didn’t take his crap and we banned him repeatedly on Youtube where he was harassing us, we banned dozens of accounts. He then took up his attacks on the KISS message board KISSFAQ and finally moved to Twitter. You will see links below of some of his attacks towards me and the show. He used the username MikesChinHair along with a profile image of me. Within the last couple months the message board finally banned him, but he has now taken to stalking and attacking the owner of the board and people associated with the board. Going as far as contacting their employers. He was not solely focused on me, he has also harassed the other co-hosts on the KISS podcast, contacting their families. He has harassed my friend and co-host at his real estate office, sending vulgar emails to the company and leaving vulgar comments on videos of homes he is selling. He has harassed another friend at his security job, emailing all the employees at the company. He has harassed co-hosts on my other non KISS podcasts, The Music Biz Weekly and War Stories from the Music Front, you can see one email below.

MikesChinHair will say and attack anyone for the sake of getting a reaction. His primary social network is on Twitter, where I have had him suspended dozens of times for impersonation and harassment. He will attack all races, religions, sexual preferences, children, spouses, family nothing is off limits. This person is as low as you can get in a human. If you say black he will say white. If you say yes he will say no. If you seek out my history online you will see that I am the polar opposite of everything this person posts. He loves college football, I hate it. He is from Ohio, I am from Minnesota. With even a little honest research, beyond looking at a profile photo or believing the mob, you would know I am not him.

My advice is to immediately block this person, report him and do not engage with him at all. If you really want to hurt him, don’t engage with him, nothing. He only wants attention and to know how angry you are. If you are silent he will hate it and move on to find someone else who will react. Remember he often has only 20 followers, nobody is listening to what he has to say beyond the person he is attacking.

But let me make this very clear Michael Brandvold is NOT Mikes Chin Hair. I am the target of his attacks and he only hopes to get others so mad that they will attack me. Don’t fall for his games. All the material below should more than prove I have been a target of his attacks since 2014.

MikesChinHair is mentally unstable and should be avoided at all costs.

Update 5/6/17 – Looks who is back! His latest Twitter account is @GreenMetalMan having his previous account #RedFredTedii suspended. He immediately is playing his old game, with no success, of telling people I am MikesChinHair. Look he has to reply to tweets from 2015. You know the deal, report this guy and block him.

Update 1/5/17 – JaunMaggs appeared over Christmas with a new round of personal attacks against me and my wife. Accusing me of selling drugs, being gay, hating blacks, ripping off my clients, starting the deadly Oakland fire and continuing to impersonate me on Disqus.

screenshot-2016-12-23-16-30-54 screenshot-2016-12-23-16-30-16 screenshot-2016-12-23-16-29-39 screenshot-2016-12-23-16-29-11 screenshot-2016-12-23-16-28-53 screenshot-2016-12-23-16-28-21 screenshot-2016-12-23-16-28-03 screenshot-2016-12-23-16-27-31 screenshot-2016-12-23-16-26-43 screenshot-2016-12-23-16-26-27 screenshot-2016-12-23-16-22-11 screenshot-2016-12-23-07-20-18 screenshot-2016-12-22-17-06-54 screenshot-2016-12-22-09-32-05 screenshot-2016-12-04-17-39-39 screenshot-2016-12-04-17-39-20 screenshot-2016-11-25-16-37-32 screenshot-2016-11-24-06-38-47 screenshot-2016-11-24-06-38-06 screenshot-2016-11-18-14-07-39 screenshot-2016-12-04-07-35-49

screenshot-2017-01-04-06-48-35 screenshot-2017-01-04-09-12-34 screenshot-2017-01-04-09-45-32

screenshot-2017-01-05-06-42-16 screenshot-2017-01-05-06-46-39

Update 6/22/16 – JaunMaggs decided to troll a tweet I made about my 2 year old daughter. Accusing me of promoting sexism and calling me a bigot.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 12.20.47

Update 6/13/16 – Just sharing a couple more threats he has made against me in a couple of Disqus comments he attempted to leave on my website My podcast Three Sides of the Coin is making a public appearance on July 12th in Minnesota. This is one of his many Disqus accounts. See list below.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 14.52.59 Screenshot 2016-06-12 14.53.09

Update 5/10/16 – His most recent and still active Twitter account is @JuanMaggs. So please note… MikesChinHair is now JuanMaggs.

Screenshot 2016-05-10 08.51.44

He has also now taken to impersonating and insulting my wife on Disqus. Remember, family is not off limits to this guy. I am sure it won’t be long until he impersonates and insults my daughter.

Screenshot 2016-04-07 15.29.35 Screenshot 2016-04-07 15.31.32   Screenshot 2016-04-07 15.57.44 Screenshot 2016-04-07 16.22.20

Here is a list of his known Disqus usernames:


Da Frogman
Spyda man
Beth Opera
The Fonz
The Duck
Señor Negrõ
Blue MunKay
The Dreadful Flying Glove
The Sailor
Bill Jackson
Sterne Kind
Mike Brandvold
frankie “da scarf”
Slikk O’Rikk
Juan N

Update 3/16/16 – He has taken to creating a account on Medium impersonating me. – THIS IS A FAKE ACCOUNT.

Screenshot 2016-03-19 13.32.02

MikesChinHair has now resorted to making death threats on Twitter and Spreaker. We are holding a public gathering at a restaurant in Minnesota and the two posts below made by MikesChinHair are threats of death. The restaurant has already contacted local authorities who are taking it seriously.

Screenshot 2016-02-28 10.35.10 Screenshot 2016-03-01 06.15.32

Here is a death threat left by MikesChinHair on a YouTube video.

Screenshot 2016-02-28 10.27.33

Here is a comment on Disqus stating I sold someone heroin that resulted in a death by overdose.


Here he left a comment on Disqus hoping that my podcast cohost was shot by a recent shooter in Michigan.

Screenshot 2016-02-20 23.34.29

Update 1/29/16 – I am not active on Disqus or the website MikesChinHair is impersonating me on those websites. Using my name, my photo, my website, my bio. I have one account on Disqus for moderation of my own website comments, my REAL account is @michaelbrandvold any other account claiming to be me is fake, is impersonating me.

Here is a short list of some of his accounts, none of these are me.

Here are a few of his accounts impersonating me and attacking me at the same time.
Screenshot 2016-01-29 04.57.29
Here is a comment he attempted to leave on my website.
Screenshot 2016-01-28 08.15.37
A recent tweet he sent from a now suspended Twitter account.
Screenshot 2016-01-28 06.26.51

Evidence Follows Below

Here is a post from Christmas 2015 where MikesChinHair comes right out and admits he is trolling and harassing me. I guess MikesChinHair doesn’t feel that saying he is going to target day care is not a threat. Other people definitely considered it a threat. Who has spent hours creating multiple Twitter accounts, multiple YouTube accounts, multiple DISQUS accounts and then holds conversations between those multiple accounts? It would be MikesChinHair. Not a sane person by any definition.


On 2015-11-24 MikesChinHair on Disqus was using this account to post attacks about me.

Screenshot 2015-11-24 06.46.04

Back on 2015-11-24 this is his profile on Disqus, @brianflodder.

Screenshot 2015-11-24 06.50.13

On 12/28/15 he changed that Disqus profile to impersonate me, again. See the posts below as Mike Brandvold talking about OHIO. Not me, I’m from Minnesota and couldn’t care about Ohio college or sports. And of course the @brianflodder account is now using the name Mike Brandvold when a month ago it was TheSailor and posting attacks towards me.


Screenshot 2015-12-28 19.22.40

Update time, 12/28/15. His newest account is MighkscHinhaer (already banned). Also note that he is using MusicManDon72, this is his active account. He is still targeting me by trying to convince people I am MikesChinHair.

Screenshot 2015-12-28 06.10.30

Interesting, I post this tweet at 8:50am on 12/28 joking how MikesChinHair might be Mike Shinoda’s stalker and at 6:48pm on 12/28 MusicManDon72 tweets the same thing, but using my name. You don’t suppose MusicManDon72 is MikesChinHair and is following all my tweets? Everyone on the internet knows MusicManDon72 is MikesChinHair except MusicManDon72.

Screenshot 2015-12-28 18.53.42

Screenshot 2015-12-28 18.52.59

When you are alone and have no friends or family it seems you will spend all day Christmas online trolling. He spent much of the holiday on DISQUS as his Twitter accounts were suspended within 24 hours of launch. On DISQUS he took to impersonating me directly. See posts made impersonating me and his account impersonating me.

5UHBRmQk  dextKJl4

Screenshot 2015-12-25 18.44.17

This was the fake account on DISQUS created on December 25, 2015.

Screenshot 2015-12-25 18.55.12

This is my REAL account on DISQUS. Created on July 5, 2014.

Screenshot 2015-12-25 18.55.33

MikesChinHair attacking me and my wife. He is now targeting my family. How long before he targets my 2 year old daughter?

Screenshot 2015-12-25 19.55.44

MikesChinHair using the fake account immediately getting called out.

Screenshot 2015-12-26 06.36.41

Here is a discussion where I bust him on saying that my real account was a old account that he could not log into. So I made a post saying the old account, the real account, works just fine. BUSTED and BURNED.

Screenshot 2015-12-26 08.47.55

Another one of MikesChinHair accounts on DISQUS trying to say that I am MikesChinHair.

Screenshot 2015-12-26 09.05.21

Another personal attack on my wife.

Screenshot 2015-12-26 10.11.10

Apparently MikesChinHairX is claiming I am his friend in a Tweet. Odd that I have him blocked. Not sure how that would be a friend. But, he is also claiming to be black now.

Screenshot 2015-12-24 11.35.46 Screenshot 2015-12-24 11.38.33

By the way, notice the hat… it is for the KISS talk show Three Sides of the Coin. The show that started this whole mess back in April 2014 when he didn’t like a episode we did. Yet, he watches the show religiously every single week.

MyKsChinnHeir was suspended on Twitter for targeted harassment and posting the photo below.

Screenshot 2015-12-24 06.50.06

MyKsChinnHeir is now back as MikesChinHairX, pretending to be black now.

Screenshot 2015-12-24 11.19.16

MikesChinHairX has also admitted to being TheSailor on Discus, someone who has targeted me in comments. See image below.

Screenshot 2015-12-24 11.10.26

Here is yet another Discus account for MikesChinHair. He has many Discus accounts as he has Twitter accounts.

Screenshot 2015-12-24 07.40.22

MyKsChinnHeir on Twitter is targeting me with harassment, posting this vulgar and pornographic photo of me.

Screenshot 2015-12-22 22.20.39

MyKsChinnHeir on Twitter pretending he has no idea who I am.

Screenshot 2015-12-22 22.31.16

MyKsChinnHeir on Twitter trying hard to act like he has no idea who I am even as you see below he has tweeted @michaelsb a few times.

Screenshot 2015-12-22 23.03.05

MikesChinHair doesn’t limit himself only to Twitter. Here are some very recent comments he left on the KISSFAQ YouTube channel.

KISSFAQ is a longtime friend of mine and someone who banned him from their message board.


Here is another YouTube comment. KISSVIDKING is my friend and podcast co-host.  MikesChinHair can be seen attacking, actually threatening me.


In the tweet below MyKsChinnHeir is still trying to convince people that I am MikesChinHair. How quickly he forgets everything he has posted since 2014, as seen below.

Screenshot 2015-12-19 11.52.57





Accusing other people of doxing me that never did, when he actually doxed me in 2014.

Screenshot 2015-12-19 11.54.14

A tweet by MyKsChinnHeir to my friend and podcast co-host trying to imply he is not MikesChinHair. Note the tweet further down from him personally attacking me. MikesChinHair is MyKsChinnHeir, they are one in the same.

Screenshot 2015-12-04 14.15.50

And yet another tweet from MyKsChinnHeir personally attacking me and implying that I need a whoopin. Hmm could that be a threat of physical harm?

Screenshot 2015-12-02 06.41.03

UPDATE – Active account on Disqus, attacking me, the podcast and the guest.

Notice how he calls them “cuzz”, this is common language for him wherever he posts.

Screenshot 2015-11-24 06.46.04

Screenshot 2015-11-24 06.50.13

Recent attack on Twitter from his account @MyKsChinnHeir he is attacking a personal friend of mine and a guest of my podcast.

Screenshot 2015-11-20 08.02.16

Recent posts on the KISSFAQ message board, account already banned.

Screenshot 2015-11-18 20.41.38

Screenshot 2015-11-18 21.04.30

UPDATE – Most current Twitter account is @MyKsChinnHeir.


MikesChinHair attacking me on KISSFAQ. Deleted User is my account as I have since removed myself from the message board.

Tweets by third party user who researched and found out MikesChinHair has been attacking me since 2014

Screen capture of a conversation MikesChinHair had with a third party user where he admits to attacking me.


Screen capture of a random tweet by MikesChinHair and Black_MCHII attacking me. The second one is because I changed my profile image to support breast cancer, how terrible.



Tweet by Mikeschinaire claiming that Black_MCHII is me, after Black_MCHII had sent the tweet above about me.

Screenshot 2015-10-27 17.49.02

Message he left on my website with one of his many fake email accounts. Phase two, coming to a daycare? Threatening children?


Another of his Twitter accounts, posting photos of me. By the way he sent this photo to dozens of people he doesn’t know, including young women.


Another attack on me. Look at my WordPress posts, LOL. They are all marketing related not a single racist discussion.


Screen capture of a message board post by MikesChinHair attacking my wife. Notice his profile image is a image of me.


MikesChinHair being banned on the message board. He is now harassing the boards Admin.


One of dozens of comments left on my account. This time attacking Mark one of the co-hosts of the KISS podcast saying he hopes he dies.


MikesChinHair talking about attacking me on KISSFAQ.


MikesChinHair talking about how I blocked him.


Talking about how they doxxed the wrong person when they doxxed me.


Talking about how people think MikesChinHair is me.


Tweet threatening a friend from KISSFAQ because MikesChinHair was banned.


Email threatening a friend from KISSFAQ because MikesChinHair was banned.

E1FC6835-1E12-44A1-9A6C-DEAECBC0D424 copy

MikesChinHair email sent to me via my website, attacking my wife.


MikesChinHair email sent to me via my website, threatening phase two.


MikesChinHair email to one of my non KISS co-hosts.

A very recent tweet by Mikeschinaire harassing me.


He has taken to commenting on websites now, spreading total lies. 1. I was NOT doxed by someone named Anomaly100. 2. I am NOT suing anybody. This is from 10/29/15.

Screenshot 2015-10-30 09.39.55

What more do you require to understand Michael Brandvold is not MikesChinHairTwitter user @michaelsb is NOT MikesChinhair. Why would I attack myself? My wife? My co-hosts? My child’s daycare? My friends?

If anyone reading this has any questions, feel free to contact me. Finally if you have been harassed by MikesChinHair and are contacting law enforcement, feel free to have them contact me. I have a lot more information than what has been posted and would be very happy to speak with them.