Submit Your Spotify Playlist

Michael Brandvold Marketing Spotify Playlist Promotion

Do you have a Spotify playlist? Would you like to get submissions for new music to add to your playlist? Fill out the form below and we will include you in a directory of playlist owners.

We are creating a directory of Spotify playlist owners so anyone releasing new music can reach out and present their new music in hopes of having it added to playlists.

What will you get by signing up? – New music sent you to consider adding to your playlist.

Is there any cost to sign up? – Absolutely no cost to the playlist owner.

What will you do with the list of playlist owners? – We will make the list available to anyone releasing music.

Can I remove myself from the list in the future? – Of course, just contact us and we would be happy to remove you.

I have more than one playlist, can I add all of them? – Yes you can. Just submit each playlist separately.