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Today we shine the spotlight on Ben Mainwaring of the label Lazy Acre Records.

What is your name and email address?
Ben Mainwaring – lazyacrerecords {at} gmail {dot} com

What is your website url and name?
Lazy Acre Records –

What is your Twitter username?

Give us a one sentence pitch for what you do and why we need to visit your site?
Because we are Northampton, Englands finest purveyors of Norwegian music and more people should be checking out the musical delights these nords have to offer!

One word of advice you would give a band that you just saw in a club?
The last band i saw in a club? Dont quit your job at Subway just yet. In general – keep coming back!

Your first concert? Who, Where and When?
Status Quo, I was ten and it was at Wembley arena. rock! I think my second one was Quadrophenia live which is cooler…

Your first album?
Christ no idea… I just remember always listening to loads of mixtapes my Uncles used to make me full of the Stones and The Jam and Robert Johnson and The Who and Gram Parsons and Johnny Cash… noone else in my class had a clue who half of the bands were which kind of appealed… guess it was the same mentality that ultimately led to me starting a label.

Do you prefer CD, Vinyl or Digital and why?
Vinyl for the aesthetic, CD for the ease of use, Digital for the instant accessibility. They each serve a purpose and I genuinely think I would struggle to pick one.

Are you or were you ever in a band?
I was from kinda 15 thru 18 years of age. Its known to my friends and family as my “difficult” phase (the one where I got sent to live with my grandparents at one point!) lots of long hair and nail varnish and ill advised drinking games and vomit. Not so many tunes. Luckily in the little town where I lived we were the best of a bad bunch so we kind of got away with it. If i saw my band from then, now – I would not be impressed but at the time playing my guitar loudly to hundreds of kids from my school and college was so much fun… that said there were inter-band girlfriend issues and drunk drummers and lack of practises and a kind of torpor that wore us down – this was in the time before MySpace et al, so getting out of town and playing and reaching more people was nigh on impossible for five kids with no car, no money and no parents that wanted the band to be happening!

If you could be a rock star, who would you be?
Wow… probably either Zooey Deschanel so i could look at myself in the mirror all day (oh Zooey – you’re with the wrong Ben I promise you!) or maybe someone super rich but with no tabloid hassle. The bassist from the Foo Fighters is a classic example. I read a story once where he said he often just goes and stands next to the merch table at Foos shows and points at the tshirts and is like “thats my band” and noone believes him. I could live with that – I’m too weird a person to want too many people knowing a lot about me so to be honest that Jim Morrison level of fame doesnt really appeal. I like the ability to nip to the shop in my pajamas for some milk – Bono for one cant do that.

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