I would like to shine the spotlight on the many people who provide guidance, knowledge and marketing direction and tips for musicians. The people behind the websites and blogs that you visit. Who are they? What do they like? Get to know who these people that are sharing their experience with you. Take a minute to answer some questions. No real requirements, anyone who has a blog or website that provides marketing services and information for musicians is welcome to submit.

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Today we shine the spotlight on Chris “Seth” Jackson of the site How To Run A Band.

1.What is your name and email address?
Chris “Seth” Jackson

2.What is your website url and name?
How To Run A Band

3.What is your Twitter username?

4.Give us a one sentence pitch for what you do and why we need to visit your site?
“How To Run A Band” experiments with music marketing against a real life band starting from scratch; where either failure or success can occur and will be recorded for all to see.

5.One word of advice you would give a band that you just saw in a club?
Treat e-mail addresses like money, put down the drink, and meet people you don’t know.

6.Your first concert? Who, Where and When?
Ozzy Osbourne and Anthrax on the 1989 Diary of a Madman tour. I was 12 and scared shitless of all the long-hairs smoking pot.

7.Your first album?
The first album that really got me into liking music was Guns ‘n’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction. I played that cassette tape until it broke.

8.Do you prefer CD, Vinyl or Digital and why?
Right now, I’m heading towards digital. My music collection is now digitized and backed-up via Mozy so I can access my music collection anywhere. The convenience of use wins out for me, though I wish a higher fidelity format would come out.

9.Are you or were you ever in a band?
In the last 6 years, I’ve travelled with multiple punk bands on tours up and down the West Coast. I’m in process of forming a new band, Shiplosion, where I’ll running my marketing experiments.

10.If you could be a rock star, who would you be?
James Brown mixed with David Bowie mixed with Hunter S. Thompson.

Do you provide marketing knowledge and assistance to musicians? Take a minute to answer some questions and you can be profiled.