I would like to shine the spotlight on the many people who provide guidance, knowledge and marketing direction and tips for musicians. The people behind the websites and blogs that you visit. Who are they? What do they like? Get to know who these people that are sharing their experience with you. Take a minute to answer some questions. No real requirements, anyone who has a blog or website that provides marketing services and information for musicians is welcome to submit.

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Today we shine the spotlight on Marcus Taylor of The Musicians Guide.

What is your name and email address?
Marcus Taylor – Marcus@themusiciansguide.co.uk

What is your website url and name?
The Musicians Guide – http://www.themusiciansguide.co.uk

What is your Twitter username?

Give us a one sentence pitch for what you do and why we need to visit your site?
TheMusiciansGuide.co.uk is my way of eliminating as many of the road blocks on the path between bedroom musician and successful musician as possible. The tools and resources are created to provide answers to the most common questions asked by budding artists.

One word of advice you would give a band that you just saw in a club?
Don’t settle for wanting success as a musician, you need to need it. Put yourself into a position where you force yourself to do everything it takes to become successful and become as proactive as humanly possible – that’s when magic happens!

Your first concert? Who, Where and When?
Watching Marilyn Manson at Reading Festival in 2001 (I was 9 years old!)

Your first album?
My first album was one of the ‘Now’ cheesy pop compilation albums from about 1996 or 1997 – not cool, i know!

Do you prefer CD, Vinyl or Digital and why?
I’m a big fan of digital over CD or Vinyl – although I appreciate the audophile opinion of vinyl being superior in audio quality, that to me is not what music is about. I believe that music is not just about sound waves – it’s about atmosphere and the emotions you link with the music, and If I can have music in my pocket everywhere I go then I have more opportunity to feel the great emotions that music provides me with, and that for me is more important than the technical quality of sound files.

Are you or were you ever in a band?
I played drums in a band from the age of 13 (i’m 19 now) until I was 16, when I decided to try my hand at producing dance music – two years on I was releasing music on 6 different record labels.

If you could be a rock star, who would you be?
If I could be any rockstar it would have to be Jose Pasillas (drummer of Incubus) – i’ve always been a huge fan of his funk rock drumming style and the Incubus sound.

Do you provide marketing knowledge and assistance to musicians? Take a minute to answer some questions and you can be profiled.