I would like to shine the spotlight on the many people who provide guidance, knowledge and marketing direction and tips for musicians. The people behind the websites and blogs that you visit. Who are they? What do they like? Get to know who these people that are sharing their experience with you. Take a minute to answer some questions. No real requirements, anyone who has a blog or website that provides marketing services and information for musicians is welcome to submit.

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Today we shine the spotlight on Chris Rockett of PromoteYourMusic.net.

1. What is your name and email address?

Chris Rockett

contact [at] promoteyourmusic [dot] net

2. What is your website url and name?


3. What is your Twitter username?


4. Give us a one sentence pitch for what you do and why we need to visit your site?

I’m a musician and music marketing consultant from London. My mission is to find out what the best marketers in the world are doing right now to rake in loads of cash, and then steal their tactics to help musicians 😉

5. One word of advice you would give a band that you just saw in a club?

Start a band mailing list using Aweber. Then put a pop-over on your site that offers all your new visitors something of real value for free. Treat your list like royalty…

This is the fastest way I have found to build a musician mailing list although it’s slightly controversial because some people think pop-overs will are evil. I have found that even very marketing shy people will forgive you if you treat them well.

Without this your website is a leaky bucket and you may never get another chance to connect with that fan.

6. Your first concert? Who, Where and When?

Michael Jackson at Wembley Stadium on the Dangerous Tour. I think I was 8 years old or something like that, and I still remember him pulling a young girl from the crowd and singing to her. They were both crying!

I think people like Micheal Jackson, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Madonna, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Dr Dre, Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie are examples of musical “mutants” who were lucky to find their power and use it for good.

Just like some people are freakishly good at swimming, or have brain power the size of a large truck.

With that said I truly believe that absolutely anyone can be good enough to do music full time with small daily progress. At some point in the future you will reach the “tipping point”.

7. Your first album?

Parklife by Blur…

There was a big rivalry between Blur and Oasis in the 1990’s when they abused each other, and released their music on the same day to see who would win.

But I thought they were both great.

8. Do you prefer CD, Vinyl or Digital and why?

I like digital music because I hate clutter. Although I can see why people would collect the physical format for a hobby.

9. Are you or were you ever in a band?

Yes I have been in bands since I was 13, played hundreds of shows all over the UK, spend too much recording albums and have been selling music online since 1999 if I remember correctly.

10. If you could be a rock star, who would you be?

Johnny Cash, because almost every time I find a new song I like it instantly, and because after reading his book he seems like the kind of man I would like to drink whiskey with.