Blink 182 Neighborhoods PresaleI recently wrote about the Blink 182 Neighborhoods album presale and how cool of a idea it was…. preorder the album and get some piece of old/collectible Blink 182 merchandise. I ordered the Neighborhoods presale so I could see how the entire presale worked. The order itself was a breeze, just a simple e-commerce purchase. Yesterday the album and bonus item arrived. Unfortunately I didn’t get anything as cool as the guitar, but I did get a old concert t-shirt, in great condition. Blink 182 included a short note that said they would love to see what item I got in my package, would I please take a picture and post it on the Blink 182 Facebook page. Love it! Further engagement with their fans, and asking their fans to provide more content for their Facebook page. Looking at their Facebook page they are getting quite a few posts. Well done!