Aaron Camaro,

Sorry I couldn’t respond to this sooner, I was prepping for and speaking at the National Music Industry Summit in San Francisco, topic was how to use social media.

We/I have never bought fake likes and I challenge you or anyone to produce evidence, real facts not your personal speculation, that we purchased fake likes. Every single one of our likes is a person who actually clicked Like because they choose to do so. Yes we have boosted posts, putting our shows in front of a larger, targeted audience. But, that is a legitimate promotion technique and there is nothing fake about that. If done correctly boosting posts is quite effective.

We ALSO love and appreciate every one of our living, breathing listeners, even those that hate us, spending their own personal time talking about how bad we are and making up lies about us and yet still listen every week. Love me or hate me, just don’t stop talking about me.

Now comes the good part, you don’t even have a basic understanding how fake likes work. Allow me to educate you as I am quite familiar as it is part of my job. Purchasing fake likes wouldn’t usurp our audience, wouldn’t usurp anyone’s audience… they are FAKE accounts, not real people. They will NEVER click play, NEVER click like, NEVER leave a comment, NEVER share a post. If you actually looked at what we do you would see post after post, week after week, gets plays and/or engagement. Do you really think we are buying fake engagements on every post, every show? When you buy fake likes you will only get a large number and nothing else, nothing more, no future engagement. The reality is that large number will actually hurt your real engagement as Facebook will see none of those likes engaging with your posts and will show your posts to even less real people. See, I know all about this because I deal with it constantly in my job. I understand how it works and why you should never do it. For years I have advised countless people to NEVER buy fake likes, followers, plays, etc. I have written articles and recorded podcasts about this topic. I have called out companies selling fake likes. I even had clients who had purchased fake likes in the past asking me to help fix the mess those fake likes created. By the way, you can’t fix it once you buy fake likes. So for you to falsely accuse me of buying fake likes is something I take personally.

So if you would like to have a real conversation about this subject I would be happy to engage with you. But, if all you are interested in doing is continuing to lie and make false accusations in hopes of drumming up attention for yourself and hoping to ruin my name and reputation (not going to happen), with NOTHING to support your claims… understand nobody else is buying it and sees it for the jealousy that it is.

Maybe instead of lashing out because we/I are successful at what we do, you should spend some time educating yourself. If you would like to learn more about fake likes here are some helpful articles, most that I wrote, one that references me and one that lists my website as a top music marketing resource. If you visit my website, www.MichaelBrandvold.com, you will find years for free resources that will help you with your online marketing and social media.

And here is a brand new article I wrote just this past weekend, How to Spot Fake Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers and YouTube Plays.

The original accusation follows:

Aaron Camaro from the Decibel Geek Podcast commenting on me and my podcast Three Sides of the Coin: “Really, highly suspect once again; (…) if I wanted to usurp your audience I’d just pony up the cash, buy me a whole bunch of phoney likes and downloads but we would never do that because we love and appreciate every one of our living, breathing listeners (…) I’d take five thousand of them over twenty thousand of false accomplishments any day “