All of sudden a brand new feature has rolled out on one of the Facebook Pages I manage. I try to stay on top of Facebook features, but this one got right by me. Facebook Fan Badges looks very interesting!

Facebook users can now be awarded a top fan badge for their interactions on a Page. You want to be the top fan, you need to interact… post, comment, like, share.

Facebook Fan Badges appears in the Community tab on your page, if you have it. It doesn’t appear to have rolled out for everyone yet so keep watching for it if your Page doesn’t have it yet.

Facebook Fan Badges

In the Settings for your Page you can find it in the left column under Facebook Badges. Basically it looks like your only option is to turn the feature on or off.

What can you do with the Facebook Fan Badge feature? Well a few things come to mind immediately.

  1. You can easily identify your top fans and this is always important to know.
  2. You can encourage more interactions on your page if a fan would like to receive a badge.
  3. You can reward your top fans every week… merchandise, merchandise discount, free download.

I am looking forward to playing with Facebook Fan Badges as more of my Pages receive this feature.