I had known you could sell your blog through Amazon’s Kindle, but until reading the following post I didn’t realize just how easy it was. If you want to get a little more exposure for your blog follow these steps and in just a few minutes you will be a publisher on Amazon and you will be able to search for and purchase your blog through Amazon.com. You may not make much, if any money, but the additional exposure won’t hurt.

Update: One day after my blog went live on Amazon.com Google’s News Alert already discovered it and was listing it.

MichealBrandvold.com Blog for Kindle

MichealBrandvold.com Blog for Kindle

Thanks to a fellow Blogger, Pat Weber, I learned that you can register your blog on Kindle — and it is actually for sale to Kindle readers for $1.99. Not enough to earn a living but it is gratifying to see your blog on Amazon and to potentially grow your list of subscribers. The easy instructions are located on Kindle Publishing for Blogs.

Here is how it works:

1. Sign in or create a new account. Your Kindle Publishing account will enable you to add blogs and apps.

2. Add and preview your blog. Complete the simple one page form, then preview how your blog will be displayed.

3. Publish. With one click your blog will be made available on the Kindle Store.

When you visit Amazon all you need to do is enter your name and up comes your blog. This is how mine looks and Amazon’s promotional copy.

via Register Your Blog With Amazon’s Kindle | THE BLOGGER’S BULLETIN.