Looking back at 2010 there is one quote I heard that still sticks with me and I often repeat because it just hits home and speaks the truth.

“If you want 20,000 fans you have to do 2000 different things that each get 10 new fans.”

David Meerman Scott, Author of Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead: What Every Business Can Learn from the Most Iconic Band in History.

Bands and businesses want a fast, simple and cheap answer on how to get more fans or customers.  As David stated at the SF Musictech Summit there is no easy way, it is work. You can’t buy one program to instantly give you 20,000 fans. You can’t hire a company to give you 20,000 fans in one week. You have to work to earn those fans and customers.

When you are staring at your Facebook page or Twitter profile and wondering what to do, repeat this quote and start on a plan for the 2000 different things you are going to do in 2011 to earn those fans and customers.