Phil SchillerPhil Schiller of Apple is on Twitter dealing directly with customers, why aren’t you on Twitter dealing directly with your customers? Read this and then think of a good reason why you shouldn’t be on Twitter. I don’t care how big or small of a band or business you are, you have customers and fans on Twitter and you should be connecting with them. I have personally had a number of great customer service experiences on Twitter, and was able to get more accomplished than being on hold for an hour.

Phil Schiller On Twitter

@butterflyylost I hope that fixes it. If not send me an email at and I’ll forward it to AppleCare.


Isn’t it funny that music executives think they’re moguls, gods who function separately from their customers, and the tech guys are readily accessible.

And the story is not only Phil Schiller. It’s Tiger Woods too. Who’s now opening up about his personal life on Twitter, acknowledging his divorce and even stating that he loves “Caddyshack”?

Irving Azoff went on Twitter. The only problem was he brought his backroom personality into the agora. Twitter is not the place for petty beefs. And if you’ve got a problem with haters, you can’t participate online whatsoever. Because there’s always someone out to get you, because they’ve got a chip on their shoulder, they’ve been overlooked or…

But if you’re relatively secure, you should play.

And you should give out information.

Sure, put in a bit of your personal life to show your humanity, but reveal some of the inner workings of your company along with the hype, and solve a few problems.

People can’t believe it when Steve Jobs responds in e-mail. And he does.

People can’t believe it when they tweet someone powerful in an industry with a problem and it’s addressed, INSTANTLY!

In other words, you’re a traffic cop. You’re the connector. The hot link. You know both parties. You know who to direct the question to. And when it’s answered? IT BLOWS PEOPLE’S MINDS!

Everyone should be on Twitter. With their real name.

And I’m not only talking stars.

How much is someone gonna hate a record company if the CEO tweets. Lyor Cohen’s got time to take to the street to respond to the Lupe Fiasco fracas

Lyor Cohen Responds to Fiasco Friday

can’t he dash off a few lines on his BlackBerry Twitter app?

Don’t say this isn’t your business. IT IS YOUR BUSINESS! You’ve got no company without customers. You want to bond customers to you, you want them to spread good will.

Apple is hotter than any musical artist and the number two face is on Twitter and reacting to feedback?

Maybe that’s why Apple’s stock is in the stratosphere and the major labels’ is in the dumper.

It’s him, it’s verified:!/pschiller

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