2000 Things to Generate 20000 FansAuthor David Meerman Scott made a honest and realistic quote, “if you want 20,000 fans you must do 2000 different things that each generate 10 fans.” This was my favorite quote from 2010 and I am going to take this on as a challenge for 2011 for an ambitious project to give you 2000 different things you can do to generate 20,000 fans.

I am defining generating fans in a few different ways:

  1. A brand new fan who has never followed you before.
  2. Engaging with existing fans to get them to participate.
  3. Engaging with existing fans to get them to convert on an action.

Some of these items will apply better for larger acts, some items will work for any act. Some may work for you, some may not… not yet. Some these can be done with little effort, some will take some web development, some might even require some significant development. Some of these have successfully worked for me over the years. The point is to create a list of items that would cover a wide range of acts and abilities.

Of course the most important part of the project is your involvement! If you have questions about an item leave a comment or send me an email. Even better, if you have a suggestion for something to try please leave a comment or send me an email. I want to hear what has worked for you.

The end result of all this will hopefully be more Facebook likes, Twitter followers, email list subscriptions, more sales and more traffic to your website… more fans!

2000 Things to Generate 20,000 Fans Challenge

3. Ask your fans to submit photos of their tattoos.
Tattoos have always been a part of rock n roll. Do you have fans that have started to tattoo themselves with your logo, lyrics, names? Ask your fans to submit photos of their tattoos and post them on your website.

4. Select a fan of the week.
Pick one fan a week and spotlight them on your website, Facebook and Twitter. You can create a simple form with some fun questions to answer and then select from those submitted.

5. Share what is on your iPod.

Fans are always looking to learn a bit more about you. Let them in on what you are listening to, every week post what you are listening to on your iPod. You might pick up some fans of the bands you are listening to.

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