Google Hangout ChecklistYou have read my 20 step guide on how to setup and launch a Google Hangout. The entire point of a Hangout is inviting guests to join your Hangyout. Here is a short check list of 12 things you and all your guests should do to deliver the best quality Hangout.

Google Hangout Advance Checklist for Guests:

  1. Quiet location. – Cut down as much background noise as possible.
  2. Turn off and silence all phones. – Just like going to the movies.
  3. This is a video chat, install a video camera. – HD is preferred.
  4. Please use headphones to cut down feedback. – If you don’t use headphones the other guests will hear themselves through your speakers.
  5. Use a external mic if possible, even a iPhone headset works fine… as both the mic and headphones.
  6. You need to be using either a laptop or desktop. – Broadcastig from iPad or a smartphone will not work.
  7. Good front lighting. – You don’t want a shadow on your face.
  8. Ideal connection is a Ethernet cable rather than wifi. Otherwise the fastest wifi connection possible. – Better connection, better video quality.
  9. Small movements on camera. – Don’t make fast, jittery movements.
  10. You will be on camera so please dress appropriately.
  11. Think about your background. – A blank white wall behind you is boring.
  12. Arrive early. – Everyone involved with the Hangout should arrive early so you can make sure everything is setup and working properly and discuss the flow of the Hangout.

Here is a great PDF file that Google gave to me, Hangouts On Air Users Guide. Feel free to download and share.

Here is a link to a recent Google Hangout Broadcast I did for the podcast Dropping The Needle.