Pledgemusic has shutdown their operation and is going into administration. As we know this leaves countless artists with no idea what is going to happen to all the funds their fans pledged and are owed to them by Pledgemusic. Right now we have to sit tight and wait for a statement from Pledgemusic.

What every artists can and should do immediately is go visit your Artist Dashboard and download all your data. This data includes your fans names, addresses and emails… everything that would be needed to fulfill their pledge. I can’t stress this enough, go download YOUR data NOW!

How do you download your Pledgemusic data? It is very simple.

Download Pledgemusic Data


  • Goto your Artist Dashboard
  • Click Download All once you are in your Dashboard.
  • Click Payment Info tab and take screen caps of all information being displayed. This includes: Net Revenue Breakdown, Payment Schedule, Record of Payments and Requested Payments.

Download Pledgemusic Data

You will need this data to contact all the fans that have pledged to support you. Download it today! If you need any assistance feel free to contact me.

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