In a previous article we gave you 50 content ideas for you to use when creating short-form videos. This article will give you 20 different ideas of content you can ask your fans to create, for your fans to post and for your fans to send to you to post.

  1. Show review – Make a video reviewing one of your shows.
  2. Release review – Make a video reviewing your release.
  3. Unboxing – Make a video opening up your CD or vinyl album.
  4. Lip syncing – Have fun lip syncing to one of your songs.
  5. Fan artwork – Make a video showcasing their art.
  6. Meeting the artist – Have your fans met you? Share a video.
  7. Favorite artist memory – Ask them to make a video sharing their favorite memory.
  8. First listen – Make a video as they listen to your release for the first time.
  9. Reaction Video – Reaction to your music video.
  10. Buying in a store – Ask your fans to make a video as they buy your release in a store.
  11. Modeling merchandise – Make a video wearing your merchandise.
  12. Remembering anniversaries – Make a video remembering a band anniversary.
  13. Tour of their collections – If your fans have collections, ask them to make a video.
  14. Ask artist questions – Ask them to record a question, you record a video answering.
  15. How did you discover the artist – Make a video sharing how they first discovered you.
  16. Look for a theme or idea based on album title, song title or lyric.
  17. Make a 60 second music video – Ask your fans to make a music video.
  18. Fan gatherings at shows – Do your fans meet up at shows, ask them to make a video.
  19. Listen to your song on radio or Spotify – Have them make a video listening to your release.
  20. Play Along – Ask your fans to play along with your video / track on their instrument of choice.

Here a few tips to remind your fans for when they are recording video.

1. Record the video clips vertically.
2. Keep them to less than one minute.
3. Make sure there is no music in the background.

Below are the various video lengths for TikTok, Reels, Shorts and Stories.

TikTok – 10 minutes
Instagram Reels – 90 seconds
Facebook Reels – 60 seconds
YouTube Short – 60 seconds
Facebook Story – 20 seconds
Instagram Story – 15 seconds
YouTube Story – 15 seconds

50 Content Ideas for Facebook & Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok

Social Media Video and Story Lengths