LEFT FOR DEAD release a 10 song barrage in the hard rock/classic metal style. If you like your music hard, heavy and most of all… FUN… you are sure to find something to love here.

SAUSALITO, CA (May 11, 2020) — LEFT FOR DEAD announce the release of their sixth album, simply titled L F D. L F D is a 10 song barrage in the hard rock/classic metal style. From the up tempo opener BULLETPROOF to the rock radio friendly ROCK N ROLL DOGS the current LP touches all the bases that inspire the “classic rock” genre.

L F D will be available on May 29th on all digital services. You can pre-order L F D at http://smarturl.it/leftfordead-lfd

After many attempts and false starts… the recording of thier 6th and current album L F D would finally commence. The band choose the award winning Tempermill Studio (named 2020’s Detroit Music Awards BEST STUDIO) to record the latest LP. They toiled from May through October to get the sound just right. They not only recorded their latest material but also dug into their past a bit. MAKE ME A STAR, COOL BLACK & LATE AROUND MIDNITE are songs never officially released. So whether its the mid tempo crunchy AC/DC inspired riffing, the faster Motorhead inspired beats or the rock radio inspired “classic rock” charm… if you like your music hard, heavy and most of all… FUN… you are sure to find something to love here.

“There is a song off our last album called IDOL THREAT and I wrote a line in that song that goes “Play with passion…ignore the fashion.” That pretty much sums up my view on not only music but life itself.

“We’ve never chased trends and never tried to be something we are not. It’s one of the many reasons that a lot of the guys we knew who played growing up are no longer playing.”
Mark Cicchini

The Band
Mike Lipski-All guitars-Lead vocals-backing vocals
Mark Cicchini-Drums-Backing vocals-lead vocals
Keith Jones-Bass-Backing vocals

The Album

Rock And Roll Dogs
Cool Black
War Dance
End Of The Line
Make Me A Star
Comin Home
Son Of The Gun
Late Around Midnite
Burn It Down

About Left For Dead
Formed in 2002, LEFT FOR DEAD is a Detroit based hard rocking power trio. The band developed their musical chops listening to the great hard rock/metal acts of the 70’s & 80’s. These influences are immediately apparent upon first listen. “Old school metal”- as some like to call it -is obviously not a genre that is particularly trendy today, but LFD has never been about trying to “fit in”.

Our philosophy is a simple one… in your face, hard driving, no frills hard rock in the classic sense. Staying true to that philosophy LEFT FOR DEAD (or LFD as we like to say) has enjoyed a significant level of success in the Detroit music scene. LFD have previously released 5 CDs and played hundreds of shows in the Detroit metropolitan area as well as in Cleveland & Chicago.

Guitarist Mike Lipski first met drummer Mark Cicchini at college in the Fall of 1983. Both stood out amongst their fellow students, dressed in concert t shirts and shoulder length hair. They exchanged demo tapes and kept in touch, each interested in one another’s musical journeys. Mark was already in a band with bassist Keith Jones at that time. Mark & Keith made up the rhythm section of Detroit favorites CHAIN who appeared in numerus national & international rock/metal magazines throughout the 1980’s. CHAIN also won a spot on the nationally syndicated METAL SHOP radio program and appeared on their BEST UNSIGNED BANDS IN AMERICA release in 1989 shortly before the grunge era took over. CHAIN broke up shortly thereafter. Old friends Mark & Mike then formed a new band-SPFH. (you really don’t wanna know what it stands for! LOL) SPFH was a project that recorded lots of demos (covers & originals) over the years but would never play a single gig. Mike was gigging heavily (in a band of his own) around the Detroit area during this time. Keith was concentrating on his career outside of music for the remainder of the 90’s while Mark demoed & recorded (and even played some shows) with a local hard core punk band that needed his services and even released a couple of albums with them.

By the beginning of the 2000’s Mark wanted to play music he actually enjoyed. He first contacted Mike about recording some demos and seeing if he was interested in starting a new project. However, Mike was already playing in another popular Detroit area band. Mark then contacted Keith to see what he was up to. When Mark reached out to Keith he was playing in a band with the former guitarist from CHAIN When that band fizzled out, Mark rejoined with Keith (and the original CHAIN guitarist) and brought along a singing friend to start the first version of LEFT FOR DEAD.

LEFT FOR DEAD was born.

LFD was now a four piece band (Guitar/Bass/Drums/Vocals) that lasted a couple of years. That era of the band released two CD’s. Mike Lipski replaced the original LFD guitarist after the 2nd LFD release. The four piece, with original LFD vocalist quickly recorded a three song EP. After the release of the EP we decided we wanted Mike to be our lead singer. It was a tumultuous couple of years but the line up of Mike-Keith & Mark has remained ever since. We would release two more full length CD’s






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