“Nothing worse than an entitled fan. Oof.” — Wolfgang Van Halen

Wolfgang Van Halen has been having some back and forth with fans for a while now. But it seems in a recent Twitter thread he might have gone a bit too far with this Twitter reply to a fan, “No one deserves attention. For being a fan or otherwise. Just because I’ve never responded to YOU doesn’t mean I don’t respond to fans. Expecting things just because you’re a fan is just dumb. Nothing worse than an entitled fan. Oof.” — Wolfgang Van Halen

This was a reply to this Tweet from a fan Rachel, “Although I gotta say, if I got a nice comment back from him, personally, that would make my freakin month. I just wish he would comment back to his fans sometimes, instead of only commenting to the haters. They don’t deserve the attention. Ya know?” Rachel replied to Wolfgang with, “I am actually so disappointed right now I won’t listen to the album (it’s norm on 24/7 on my car.”)

Just like that, a supportive fan stopped supporting Wolfgang. It’s a fine line between love and hate and it seems Wolfgang might have pushed this fan over the line.

Read : http://metalsludge.tv/van-hater-is-wolfgang-van-halen-hating-on-his-fans-the-females-too-no-one-deserves-attention-for-being-a-fan-or-otherwise/

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